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Christ promised to be with us "until the end of time". The Sacraments are seven special ways in which the Son of God fulfils this promise. Instituted by Christ, a sacrament (coming from the Latin, meaning "to make holy" or "to consecrate") is a way by which we can become participants in the divine nature by our being one with Christ. The grace of a sacrament is not derived because of the minister or the recipient

 but through the gracious love of Christ and His church.

Is grace only received through the seven sacraments? Obviously not! 

The love of God is a free gift. In our openness to receive this grace of God's love we then make a response to God's love by loving God in return.

It is important to reflect upon the seven sacraments to help us understand more deeply what God's love 

means for us.

The seven sacraments are:





Anointing of the Sick

Holy Matrimony

Holy Orders

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